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date : Thursday, March 29, 2007
I was feeling pretty bored yesterday so I decided to doodle on my notepad. "Shakespeare's Inspiration" struck me and I ended up with my third piece of work.

Years of 17

Bathed in the Silver Moonlight
Laid the grassy hill.
Repetitive the scene is,
Just 17 years ago.

Above the crest the hopeful heart pulsed.
A deviation from old hill's magic,
Steely and unbreakable
It is the chain of fate.

His heart sang solitude's rhythm
as the Soul leaned through the twin windows.
Scanning the horizon
For a lone shadow.
Just like 17 years ago.

Braving North Wind's Stinging Needles
Which bit through his bones and rattled his teeth,
He cried;"

Let the old magic work again,
Just for tonight.
And continue our Four Seasons' dance
Under Zeus's milky way
With this stage for the mortality beneath.
For our passion remains unaged
Just like 17 years ago,
When our lips sealed heavens' vow."

Those words the wind carried
Across the Silver Cresent as shiny as his hopes
To nothingness' desert
Where hopes fade and wishes die.

Such was life's bitter irony
His seeds of love
Sown on barren land.

Presented by;
Christopher Teh.

PS: It is raw. I will be fine-tuning it.

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Joo Teng Teh
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