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date : Friday, February 20, 2009
Hey there this blog post is here specially for my daughter Ting. I know that you are not feeling yourself these few days. If you are feeling irritated,angry,frustrated just try to chiilllll~ okay?!
And don't say you hate yourself. If others don't hate you why should ya? you are too sweet to hate yourself remember? =]

Just try to.................................................................

date : Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Nothing can really describe my current mood now. It is a mixture of fear and excitement as well as aggression for the upcoming competitions. My mind is totally preoccupied with it now and I cannot stop those images from flashing across me. I feel that I really need more break point trainings to expend the pent up emotion within me. In the afternoon, I went to the salon and this time I requested for my fringe to be snip off. When I look into the mirror now I am so not used to it. I guess I am really in the mood now. :)

date :

date : Monday, February 16, 2009
Some Photos Taken during IJC's visit to CJC (credits to Adelia Loh)


(partnering with SJI boys)

(CJC Girls- they are tough)

The instructors:


The 4 amigos!

from left: Changhong, I, Jerrold and Babu!

Well thats all for today's update chao!:D

date : Friday, February 6, 2009

shi fou dui ni cheng nuo le tai duo
Have I given you too many promises,
hai shi wo yuan ben gei de jiu bu gou
Or perhaps those that I gave were never enough?
ni shi zhong you qian wan zhong li you
You always have hundreds of thousands of excuses,
wo yi zhi dou gen sui ni de gan shou
And I have always given in to your feelings,
rang ni feng rang ni qu fanc si
Allowing you to be wild and to do all the crazy antics.
yi wei ni you tian hui gan dong
I thought that you would be moved one day,
guan yu liu yan wo zhuang zuo wu dong yu zhong
And thus I have pretended to be unmoved by the rumours that I heard.

zhi dao suo you de meng yi po sui
Until all the dreams have shattered,
cai kan jian ni de yan lei he hou hui
Only then do I see your tears and regrets.
wo shi duo xiang zai gei ni ji hui
How I wish I could have given you another chance,
duo xiang wen ni jiu jing ai shui
And ask you just who is it that you love.
ji ran ai nan fen shi fei
Since it is difficult to judge who is right and wrong in love,
jiu bie tao bi yong gan mian dui
You shouldn't escape, but face it bravely.
gei le ta de xin ni shi fou neng gou yao de hui
Having given him your heart, are you able to take it back?

zen me ren xin guai ni fan le cuo
How can I bear to blame you for making mistakes?
shi wo gei ni zi you guo le huo
For I am remiss in giving you too much freedom,
rang ni geng ji mo cai hui xian ru gan qing xuan wo
Which made you lonelier, leading you to plunge into the maelstroms of love.
zen me ren xin rang ni shou ze mo
How can I bear to let you suffer?
shi wo gei ni zi you guo le huo
For I am remiss in giving you too much freedom,
ru guo ni xiang fei shang tong wo bei
If you wish to soar, I'll carry the painful burden for you.

date : Thursday, February 5, 2009
追夢曲: 詞: 編:

把所有的夢 用熱情點燃


把你的名字 刻在星星上


我要選擇我的路 我不榆`怕風和雨

只要有你的鼓勵 不殿S豫

我要向你說抱歉 我希望你能夠瞭解

只要追到我的夢 一定回來

追追追 我追過狂風追過我自己

不楣h縮沒有後悔 有夢就去追

追追追 我追過時間追過天與地

有夢的明天 那就是 我的未來

I Will Chase after my Goal!!

date : Sunday, February 1, 2009
語言:國語, 曲長:4m10s
作曲:張宇, 編曲:涂惠元
監製:, 填詞:十一郎
妳給我一場戲 妳看著我入迷
被妳從心裡剝落的感情 痛的不知怎麼捨去

不要這場記憶 不要問我結局
心底的酸楚和臉上的笑容 早就合而為一

遲遲不能相信這感覺 像自己和自己分離
而信誓旦旦的愛情 在那裡

我一言難盡 忍不住傷心 衡量不出愛或不愛之間的距離
妳說妳的心 不再溫熱如昔 從那裡開始 從那裡失去

我一言難盡 忍不住傷心 衡量不出愛或不愛之間的距離
隱隱約約中 明白你的決定 不敢勉強你 只好為難自己 我為難我自己

This is the end. No more.

Only One Rule.
Mess with me & be Messed up.

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