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date : Tuesday, October 14, 2008
This is post is for two important ladies in my life, my daughter ting and belle my sister.

Ting (my daughter) :

I hope your heart ache will heal soon and your decision isn't wrong. I feel that you have made the correct decision after all. Daddy will support you in this decision of yours! Don't try to force yourself any longer. I believe the decision is the best for the both of you.

Belle ( my sister) :

Sister! It is not your fault that your uncle fell ill please don't blame yourself anymore yea? I guess what you can do now is see things in the positive manner. I am not sure how but there will be light at the end of the tunnel yea? Meanwhile what you can do is to make his time more enjoyable i guess.

I know there is nothing I can do much but I hope these words of encouragement will help yea? Good night. Peaceful Dreams~! *praying*

date : Saturday, October 11, 2008
Hey Guys, I am feeling so bored that is why I am blogging here again. Last Tuesday, Uncle Nelson our potential coach from IJC came down for training. He is 50 plus year old man with a Kodokan Black belt and he seems to be pretty nice guy to talk to. At the same time I can see that he is someone who is firm during trainings and know his stuff well. Overall the our impression with him seems to be quite good. I hope for that for the next two trials of Tuesday trainings I can learn more from him and after that he can be our permanent coach. :)

Tuesday's training is a pretty eventful one as many black belter seniors turn up on that day including Rudy our ex club president. It as been ages since the black belter seniors up and their appearance on Tuesday was abit of a shocker. Cause that also mean that we are going to fly really high. LOL. But I will have to admit that the training was pretty fun and enriching. Towards the end of the training we took a picture together. For the first time the picture looks filled up but too bad Chang Hong and Mun Yew aren't in the picture as they unable to turn up.

RP Judokas

Thursday's training is as usual to make one tired but it is not as tough as before Joe injured his back during his training. However there were some injuries which occurred during the training. Mun Yew landed wrongly and injured his shoulder, Jerrold with his over stretched ham string and my knee injury came back again. Right now I am able to walk normally however if I were to run, my right knee will threaten to give way. I can't even do sit ups properly without feeling the pain when i bend my knee. I hope my knee injury recover soon. haiz.

All right enough of the trainings and lets talk about today. I woke up in the morning and met up with JQ to get his NS allowance from the bank. Afterwards we went and bought some cheese pratas up to his house. Following that we went lot 1 to walk around and something unlucky happened. As I was walking halfway, my Bermudas loosen all of of a sudden. Holding on to my pants, I rushed and the toilet and I realised that my leather belt is tore. YES TORE, the buckle is fine but the leather is tore into half. I was so stunned that such an expensive and durable looking belt is tore. Wearing a pair of Bermudas which threatens to drop any moment I can't step out of the toilet. So JQ lend me his belt and I went upstairs and spend 21 bucks buying another one. And guess what, as I was trying the new belt on, one of the studs fell off. OMG. How unlucky can I be? Wearing JQ's belt again (thanks alot dude), I went back and made an exchange. Whew, looks like the 2nd belt is fine. For now. Feeling more secure with a belt around my waist, we made our way out and bought a couple of shirts from Man Studio which is having a discount. Ahhh, there goes more money flying out of my pocket. But I think the shirt is worth my money as it looks pretty good. :)

Right now I am desperately trying to save up to 110 dollars for the upcoming IJC Malacca Trip in November. During this trip of 3 days 2 nights, we will be having our training with the Malacca Judokans and some shopping^^. Hopefully I will have enough money to pay for the trip and I need to renew my passport again as I have not left the country for 2 years. Argh, looks like I will to cut down on food! haiyo. All right people that is all for today, take care yo! ;)

date : Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Hello it has been a long time since I updated. Life is still the same as always but anyway here are some pictures I took over the weeks woohoooo!

With Siti at the Sports Complex

The 3 Regulars (From left: I, Jerrold & Changhong)


It is always fun hanging out with you guys. =D

Pictures with E35B (CAM WHORES AND BASTARDS) -no offence, haha. :

Some of the guys in E35B =)
Ohhhyaah!! I am the Geek In the Pink! =p

PS: You guys are fun to be with. =)

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