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date : Monday, June 30, 2008

I am reposting some of the poems I did in the past. Just want to share with you all enjoy!

Years of 17

Bathed in the Silver Moonlight
Laid the grassy hill.
Repetitive the scene is,
Just 17 years ago.

Above the crest the hopeful heart pulsed.
A deviation from old hill's magic,
Steely and unbreakable
It is the chain of fate.

His heart sang solitude's rhythm
as the Soul leaned through the twin windows.
Scanning the horizon
For a lone shadow.
Just like 17 years ago.

Braving North Wind's Stinging Needles
Which bit through his bones and rattled his teeth,
He cried;"

Let the old magic work again,
Just for tonight.
And continue our Four Seasons' dance
Under Zeus's milky way
With this stage for the mortality beneath.
For our passion remains unaged
Just like 17 years ago,
When our lips sealed heavens' vow."

Those words the wind carried
Across the Silver Crescent as shiny as his hopes
To nothingness' desert
Where hopes fade and wishes die.

Such was life's bitter irony
His seeds of love
Sown on barren land.

Written by;
JT. Teh

The Fool

Oh, painted brows…

High up they shouldn’t be.

Thy Painted Smiles…

Up Curved and quivering they should be.

Hot Tears flowed down like a stream,

Smudged the pink cheeks of a fool.

Silver platter holds a heart,

Trust in crimson fills the ends.

Failed it has to melt your gaze.

Cool as marble, hard it is.

The pound of flesh is not enough?

Sip a glass of life to quench your thirst.

Spin a web you always do,

Shines in light it never fails.

Sleep a fool’s bed made of thorns,

Feed on deceit I still am.

The giving fool that’s my name,

As Timon from Athens shares my fate.

Humbly written by;

JT. Teh.

PS: Hopefully I am able come out with a new one soon!

date : Sunday, June 29, 2008

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date : Saturday, June 28, 2008
Over the recent weeks there are many mind boggling issues in my head. Up till now I am still in conflict over what directions should I take over certain affairs in my life. I am toying with this idea that I might be able to arrive at conclusion should I type it out tonight? Tonight's entry will be a long one.

Two main issues occupy my heart right now. One is my passion and the other my feelings. The first issue I will talk about will be the passion for my life. 6 plus years of my life I have put in my blood, sweat and tears in my "home". In order to realize my dreams and ideal in restoring my unit's pride, I gave away my 2 years plus of my youth and reenter the service again. I was a hot blooded enough to think that as long as I put in all my efforts, with an iron will I will realize my dreams. However as each year passed, my naivety became increasingly obvious. While I have the drive, the top shows that they do not. They said my service is indispensable, of course they need me to resolve issues they are unable to settle. But did those times without complain and expending much of my personal time on it. I feel that by executing these activities, I am one step closer in building it up to a higher strength. However over the years, I realized my efforts only went as far as to solve the problems of the management (I am not going to mention names here.)Only when they are caught in a situation, will I see the enthusiasm in them. However as the whole thing dies down, the usual nonchalant attitude will resume.

Every time I tried to ask why are we unable to carry out certain plans or implement some measures to pursue our goal. I am given a trash load of excuses which sink my previous efforts to the bottom of the sea. I come to question myself from time to time. AM I BEING LEAD ON?! Am I being fooled in such a manner that I am took be taken advantage of because of my passion? Perhaps I am a tool which only become important when a crisis arise and be discarded of when the storm subsides?

Being in this unit has never been easy. In the area, I have been asked the same old questions about my unit which I am tired of answering. I am fatigued with the fact that the eyes around me seem to measure my abilities with that of my unit. All it seems that it is my fault that my unit turns out to be this way. That I as a pillar of the unit but I am not committed in doing my job? Back in school, there are the cold eyes of the principal. Not a single word of thanks of gratitude for my efforts not as if they have not know. After all, I am the only instructor left in the entire school where all the others have left for greener pastures. For what he only sees is the unit is not progressing and he seem it blame it on me. As for the management, what I see in their eyes are not really friendly ones. Each time they saw me or when I approach them with certain issues they seem tired or burdened. Eyes never lie and the mask they are wearing is so fake. Only because they still need me to be there to carry out their work. How fast it seems that the mask came off when I expressed my unhappiness over their unpick calls
and slow replies on messages. This is the only truthful reply I got after so many months.
"I draw a line between my work and personal life."

From that point onwards, the cold reality which I have shield myself with my delusions rears its ugly head at me. I realized that my stupidity is comparable to that of the Timon of Athens. (Read up on Shakespeare if you don't know what it means.) I know, I am as good a dead man. A person who has suddenly lost his direction in life, his home has betrayed him. Or rather, he has been betrayed long ago. Just that he is a fool not realizing that he is being lead on. Letting oneself be used and getting the benefits is not foolish since there is fair trade. But being used without any benefits is PURE STUPIDITY. That is what I am. All the while, I am on a sinking boat which no one has any intention to salvage it. And I thought that as long as I remain objective and focused, the boat will reach its destination.

My stupidity has its limit. I shall serve them no longer and not be a tool for their conveniences. I dream of accomplishing my objectives. And perhaps I shall do so at a new home. For my passion has yet to be extinguished. This time I need to find a new team which share my objectives and is willing to work for it. I want to succeed, climb on to greater heights and gain recognition. Should it come to the case where I cannot find a suitable home. I guess it is just fate and a painful lesson learnt. Either way it is a goodbye to a home no more.

It seems that typing it out helps and I have arrived to a conclusion pertaining my passion.

As shown from above, I hate to be make used of. And it seems my stupidity extended towards you. I am not a rag doll which you play with when you are bored and be ignored at one corner when you have other entertainments.

I have become clear of my feelings towards you now. I shall not elude myself with those illusions anymore.

It seems, I have arrive at another conclusion.

What remains now is decisive action to protect myself.


Only One Rule.
Mess with me & be Messed up.

Joo Teng Teh
Joo Teng Teh
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His Name is JT and he still breathes (:



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