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date : Thursday, January 29, 2009

date : Tuesday, January 20, 2009
I have been lazy to blog nowadays but this post is put up especially for someone who took all the trouble to give me this:


It is the one of the best presents I ever have. =] *I am lost for words.*

date : Monday, January 12, 2009
Shun An Judo Competition: Junior team event

1st match: RP (Red) vs NTU (White)

1st bout - Muhd
2nd bout - Chang Hong
3rd bout- Joo Teng
4th bout - Jerrold
5th bout - Babu

2nd match: RP (Red) vs SMU (White)

1st bout - Jooteng
2nd bout - Muhd
3rd bout - Chang Hong
4th bout - Kelson
5th bout - Babu
6th bout - Jooteng(held to break the tie)

At the of the day we lost both matches. However the 2nd match was a good night whereby we lost to them in terms of strength. We shall train harder and win the upcoming match in March!

date : Saturday, January 3, 2009
I am posting up some pictures taken on Christmas eve at Dinesh's house. Credits to his dad. =]

Ah, My eyes are closed. lol.

Singing my birthday song, a moment of SMILES. =]

Cutting the cake.

Cheers mate. :D

That will be all for now, once again I am thankful to have my two of my closest friends celebrating my birthday for me. I will never forget that. Never. =]

date : Thursday, January 1, 2009
Hello people, a happy new year 2009 to you and guess what? barely 3 hours into the the new year the toilet sink fell on my head.

When I just came back home I went to the toilet to wash my face. When I rested my elbows on the sink the it suddenly gave way which gave me a shock out of my life. I managed to catch it and I tried hooking it back to the wall. As I was trying to fix the sink underneath, the sink fell and hit my head. I was so close to losing my life if I have not withdrew my head in time. The sink just scrapped the edge of my forehead and I have a small swelling now. =/ This time the sink hit the floor and broke into half. wtf.

The connecting pipe also broke into two and water can't stop gushing out. In the end I have to wake my dad up and we managed to stop the flooding by switching off the main supply. -.- Anyway, that aside I think i am darn lucky that the sink didn't make a direct landing on my head. I swear that my life flashed before my eyes when the sink hit me. I thought I am a goner, but thank god it is a scrap >.<

I hope no more misfortune befall on me in this new year. I have enough of a swollen and allergic ankle plus a swelling on my head awarded by the now broken sink. -.-

Here are some of the more immediate new year resolutions for the year ( it will be updated when I can think of more):

1. Ensure that my ankle gets well again cause it has been a freaking month.
2. Do well enough for my second year and survive the competitive environment.
3. Earn a blue belt by the end of December this year.
4. I will become become a stronger and better person.
5. And last but least be a good son and spend more time with the family if I can. =]

Think that will be all, chao.

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