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date : Thursday, May 31, 2007
This song is for a friend who is feeling down right now. You may not get to see this post but I hope that you can get over it after a while. No matter what there will always be me, uncle and the rest of your friends there for you.



date : Tuesday, May 29, 2007
It has been a long time since I last blogged and many things have happened. During the past two months I had been heavily involved in my studies and cca. My work is getting onto the track day by day which is pretty much a good sign for me. As for NPCC, I am still very much heavily involved in it. Working with my unit officers and planning unit events such as the annual camp and NCO course etc. Besides working in the unit, I helped out as a first aider in the NPDP 2007 along with my other area ci friends who are fellow first aiders and trainers. Not everything at hq had been pleasant though. But no doubt it was still a valuable lesson worth picking up.

A quick skip through of the events and my holidays have just started for me on the 28th of May. One may ask me why isn't it on the 26th? It is simply because I had a unit camp and my first 2 days of my holidays were burnt running a combined camp between NPCC & Red Cross. I hope I will not find myself running the same camp for a third time. I prayed that my two left and right hand men will finish their D07 course ASAP and help out at the unit. Randolph and Wei Zhong my two mentors cum Super Lau Jiao will become HI and HO respectively and come back to the unit. Then we can be one big happy family liao...haha!

Even though as of now, I can heaved a deep sigh of relieve now that the camp is finally over. There is still a NCO course coming up for the secondary 3s in my unit. I hope that my effort will not go down the drain bah...

Secondly, since there is no unit training during the June holidays, I am helping out at Hillgrove secondary for their Speech day rehearsals. I went for two rehearsals which were last wednesday and today. Their preparation isn't too bad and I picked up quite a few things during the 4 hours there. I got to know their teacher officer and HO better through a few small talks. It was great knowing them. At the same time I have many lingering questions in my mind. Alot of them I am not really willing to disclose. But my core principle always remains with me.

" Each time you wear that piece of shirt, do always remember who allow you to wear it."

Along this sentence came two other sub questions:
- Who taught you so that you can walk around with that shirt?
-Who signed on the dotted line so that people addressed you as sir?

I am not pointing any fingers here. I believe that people always have a choice and it is matter of whether you are willing to go an extra mile to fulfill your duty. In this case it is obvious.

I think I need not elaborate any further but one thing I am need to do now is to help out at my buddies' place. My buddy has helped me in tons of stuff and in a similar fashion I am doing my best in helping him. This is how things between different units should go. Helping one another, give and take. And everyone is happy.

Sidetrack abit, my special thanks to Izwan, Soon Yang, Junqi and Sheeren. Thanks for helping out in my camp, without your valuable assistance it would not have succeed. Thank you guys!
That is all for today..=)

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