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date : Thursday, March 15, 2007
Hello all, it had been a long a time since I last blogged. Let me first recount what happened for the past few days. The holidays have not been too bad so far. Besides studying, I had plenty of fun. I went with Izwan for a 2.4km run on Monday at Bukit Gombak stadium. Surprising I enjoyed the running alot. I hardly panted at all and I felt like going for another round of 2.4km. But seeing that it was already late and Izwan isn't feeling so well. We decided to stop and have our drinks in the nearby coffee shop. At around 8, we went separate ways home. On the following day which is wednesday, I, Izwan and Dinesh went for fishing at Macritchie Reservoir. There was a large school of fish in a spot we found but hard luck we didn't caught any. Thanks to those NJ kayakers who intruded into our fishing area and scared away all the fishes. Hiaz...So we went off empty empty handed with the other anglers cursing and swearing as we knew the day is over. Taking 157, we went to "Mad Jack" for our late lunch. We are still feeling sore over "fish issue" which was replayed in our minds over and over agian. The plate of Spaghetti did'nt improve our mood much...

As for today, the morning was pretty dry... I woke and went to school with Dinesh at 8.30am. We need not travel on foot many thanks to Dinesh's dad who fetched us to school with his car. We reached school at 8.45am we started studying in the library till 12pm. Afterwards, we had our lunch and went off separate ways as Dinesh have to meet up with Zul and Alane. I went home and rested for a while before meeting up with my sec 3 cadets who just completed the Police Knowledge Course at HTA. I got my CI cert from Dave thanks to Soon Yang and sat down and chatted with cadets while they have their dinner. During this meeting I got to know some interesting stuff which some were not so pleasant...haha. Well forget it...

PS: Kind of looking forward to the Class Outing and Sentosa trip tommorrow. ;)
Anyway, that is all for today. Got to go folks! Cya around!

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