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date : Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Do you ever have the experience whereby someone told you that you have changed alot? I am sure most of us do. It happened to me recently when I went back to see Ms Wai for the planning of UOPA activities early this month. I can't remember what leads to this conversation but it sounds like this. "Joo Teng although I have never taught you before, I heard from your previous teachers that you have changed alot." "Huh? how?" I asked while trying to figure out who are the possible teachers who told her. " seems that you were very quiet and withdrawn but now you have became very much vocal and outgoing." After hearing her reply, I started to recall what I was during my secondary school days and what I am now. Indeed, the Joo Teng in 2005 was a very quiet student who prefers to stay in the shadows and knows nothing except studying. To the teachers now, I am someone different who have became very vocal during NPCC trainings and took the lead in organising unit events. Very often, I always engaged in small talks with my ex teachers (Mr Lee, Mrs Lee Ham, Mrs Ooi, Mdm Koh etc.) and talked at their level. All these I will not have done it during secondary school.

What caused such great changes in me? I suppose the schooling in MI and shouldering responsibilites as the only CI caused great changes in my preceptions and attitude. Though these changes can be good but like everything there are pros and cons. I have lost something which I took for granted in secondary school which is innocence. Sounds wrong?...Sometimes I wonder if life will be better if one is ignorant of the problems surrounding he/she. Most likely he or she may be much more happier?

Anyway...I am not being "emo" hahaha!...This is just food for thought. =)


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