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date : Monday, December 10, 2007

Here I am online feeling very sian so I decide to update my blog now...haha. Firstly I shall share with you guys about the picnic after the atc. With much thanks to Faizal, who organise this sec 2 ATC pinic outing for inviting me to the picnic. The picnic took place at East Coast Park and we had fun the whole day! =) Most of the fun took place in the seawater which I opted out with much regret since I didn't have any extra clothes. Instead I went about doing my favourtie hobby which is collecting Sea Shells! I stood there knee deep in the water for almost an hour enjoying the afternoon sun and looking out for any interesting sea shells to be added in my collection. But I have to say that there isn't much variety which was pretty disappointing. After the first 2 hours we had our snacks before proceeding to bury a fellow CI with JQ, SH, Faizal & Saiful. first we were struggling but the others joined in and we completed the "burial" within 10 minutes! haha... It was pretty fun burying someone. In fact this is the first time I ever buried someone. haha! =D After the burial is completed, we took a picture with our "handiwork" and resumed the water activities. Which for my case is collecting sea shells. And guess what I got pushed by Saiful into the water!! Argh...and my phone was soaked with seawater. !!!!! Moments later, I realised my phone is a goner....damn. -.- I decided to join in the water activities by leaving my stuff in JQ's bag since I am already soaked to the skin...I suppose I will find sometime to get dry before going home...LOL. The fun went on for a few hours before I decided to call it a day since JQ and SH can't stay long. After our wash up we gave our thanks to the rest for and said goodbye to them. Yup...that is so much about the outing...haha.

Next will be the last dinner we Area 19 CIs had in Seoul Garden at CauseWay Point last Friday. Liwen organised this outing as our last CIs gathering as SH & JQ going NS soon and the rest of our batch in Poly are going for attachment next year. Besides our batch ( I, JQ, SH, Izwan, Faizal & Liwen) Saiful and Nasrul also came. And it turned out that Liwen is the "rose" among the thorns since she is the only girl...LOL. We had a great time eating together laughing and cracking jokes. Liwen became the camera girl of the day taking pictures of everyone eating... haha. It has been a long since I had such a GREAT dinner...haha. Towards the end of the dinner, SH left us as he has an appointment to make. Once we are done with our desserts, we chilled out at the small park outside the regional library chatting about individual stuff and sharing it with the rest. Towards 10pm, we decided to go call it a day and we went separate ways at the interchange. Though this is suppose to be our last dinner I hope we will get to meet each other again next year. Life is going to be such a bore without them...haiz. Hope to see you guys again at ATC next year! =)

Lastly lets talk about today...went with my Sister to get my new phone at Orchard but it turns out that the vendor is away for lunch and will be back at 1430. It was a wasted trip and we waited for more than an hour! The air condition system inside the shopping centre was freezing. I also turned into a piece of rock outside the shop and the vendor was no where in sight. Sister is rushing off for an appointment at Plaza Sing with her friends so she decided to give up waiting. I decided to meet Dinesh who was in school preparing for the PAE orientaion next year. I have to say that the train ride to Bukit Batok was torturing. But I managed to stave off most of boredom by going into deep thoughts. I thought of many things..... some past, some present and a Future. After what it seemed like an eternity I met Dinesh at Bukit Batok MRT platform and we took the train back to CCK. We had our late lunch at Food Court and chatted about some interesting stuff...and as a result there are more things on my mind now....LOL. After our meal, Dinesh was feeling very tired as he did'nt have much sleep recently so we decided to make our way home. Haha..what a boring day....[-.-] I wish something good could happen.

(Pictures of picnic and dinner are uploaded below.)


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