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date : Sunday, April 13, 2008
Hello! it has been ages since I updated so much so I guess there are cobwebs growing all over the place. =x It has been a week of lesson in RP and it is safe to say that it went reasonably smoothly. For everyday lesson, there will be group work and presentation. After the lesson, there will be a quiz, evaluation and a reflection journal for us to do. Though the workload is pretty light, I wonder how long will it take for me to get sick of it. Lol.

Anyway I am glad to make new friends in this school, they are Luke, Hannah and Jean! They are friends from Clifford's church and we will always have lunch during break. You guys are really fun to hang out with. It is really great know all of you. =) All of you (including Clifford and Mun Yew) really make my day.

This is so much for the happenings in school, I suppose this is a fresh start in my life. During the past two weeks, my life has made a huge turn. For the first time in my life, I find myself studying and working. I cannot say it is fun but I see the need to reduce my dependency from my parents. I can't bear to take my allowances from my parents for another 3 years since they are getting old. Secondly, I wish to manage my own finance...muahaha! Starting from now, I will be taking baby steps in fulfilling my dream before 30. Jiayou JT!

Here are some pictures I took in school:

Cam Whoring?

From left: Mun Yew, Clifford & I.

In the center: Luke my new friend. =)

Before I end off, I will like to post up this song and thanks for sharing it with me, Hannah. This song is beautiful.

Running Away SONG LYRICS


Midnight Hour

Don't lie and say that it's OK.
It's alright if there's nothing more to say.
So I'm running away.
I'm leaving this place.
Yeah, I'm running away.
I'm running away.

Don't tell me I'm the one to blame.
It's too late for you to make me stay.
No, I won't stay.
So I'm running away.
I'm leaving this place.
Yeah, I'm running away.
I'm running away.

And faster than you can follow me from this lonely place.
And farther than you can find me, I'm leaving
Yeah I'm leaving today.
And I, I'll never let you find me.
I'm leaving you behind with the past
No, I won't look back.
And I don't want to hear your reasons.
Don't want to hear you tell me why I should stay.

And try, and try to understand me
And try to understand what I say when I say I can't stay
I, I'm moving on from this place
I'm leaving and I won't quit running away.

I'm running away.
I'm leaving this place.
Yeah, I'm running away.
I'm running away.

Here is the song on youtube:

All right I shall stop here for now. Cya then! =d

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