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date : Thursday, May 1, 2008
Hello! it has a while since I updated and finally I have time to do so today. Lol. Life in RP is pretty all right. Right now the class is starting to warm up pretty fast. Haha, finally I get to see some the fun sides of my classmates. We went to Sentosa last Sunday and I have to say it is really fun. It is really fun hanging out with you guys! =) After our trip to Sentosa, we had dinner at pizza hut and went on to Far East to buy some clothes. Overall the day was quite fun except for some hiccups. =X

Just a update to my dear friends, in case you are wondering. I have picked Judo as my IG in school. So far went for two sessions and I have to say it is really interesting even though I make a joke out of myself at times. Hahaha. I have made up my mind to join this "Violent" CCA and hopefully I can do well in it. =) We have placed the order for our gee and once it arrives it will tough training ahead. I am looking forward to it because I believe that I will come out to be a stronger person physically and mentally as well. Jiayou JT. =)

The above are all the update in school now is the update on NPCC. Recently I have to step down on my unit activities as it clashes with my school time table. However it is not dying down. I am still with the planning for upcoming Secondary 2 ATC as well as participating in the Jetty Jump instructor course this coming Saturday! I am looking forward to the Jetty Jump instructor course and hopefully I can make it. =)

Below for the pictures I took so far:

On the bus to Sentosa
Back to the mainland: Muahaha I am going crazy! =X

My classmate Saok Koon.

Typing away in class. =)

Our Outing After JQ booked Out.

My Camp craft Girls Team (I am proud of you girls! =] )

This message is to a friend of mine if you happen to be looking at this page:

I am really sorry if I have hurt your feelings but it is a honour which I cannot accept. I hope you understand. =/

All right, that is all for today hopefully I get to update real soon in future. See you then! =)

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