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date : Sunday, July 20, 2008
Went for Judo training on Thursday and what a eventful day it is. Wooooooo! Few white belters came for the training that day. And what is more there are quite a few black and brown belters. So it is more like 1 vs 1 between them and the white belters?

If that is not all it turns out there are quite a few casualties on that day. Jerrold sat out for that day due to his bad leg. Shortly after Daryl joined him as his arm suddenly went pop as he was doing some of the moves. For the rest of the day, he could hardly move his arm. I didn't survive much longer either. During the randori with Joe I got rammed on the shin and first my leg gave way without me realizing and I just sat on the floor. Seconds later the pain started to flood in and I rolled off the mat. The pain was so great that I feel that my head is bursting. I guess the shock is too much. I could not stand properly for the next 1 hour. I had to sit out with the rest survived on the ice pack for the rest of the day.

And so the RP judo casualties' club is formed and we have a small corner reserve for us pathetic peeps.

Our casualties' club

Kelson joined us after a while. Rofl. We are pathetic. =X

We watched the rest trained for the rest of the day and here is a couple of pictures.

Towards the end of the training, Joe made the "survivors" do sit ups and each time a sit up was, there he smack the person on tummy with a cushion. Here is the video we took while they are doing it. It is darn funny hahaha.

After the "sit ups" the training came to an end and my leg seem to be getting worse. Weeeeee! Hopefully I will be all right by this coming Tuesday. =)

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