Mr. Samurai.
date : Saturday, November 1, 2008
22th February 2008; 1159hrs

The Paramedics pronounced him to be dead.


After all in 2 years, all the things which he did came to naught. What he breathes in are just lies, lies and lies. All the deceit and crashed hopes just suffocate him so much that he went

That is the end.

Everything that is never meant to be...It is never meant to be, leads to a Silent Tragedy.

Foolish Boy. He nailed himself to this cruel fate.

No tears were shed for his naivety.

7th of April 2008; 0300hrs

So is this the devil's hour like what the bible says?

Or rebirth is going to take form through destruction?

One thing is for sure.

This is the hour of change.

Unlike the majestic phoenix rising from the ashes,

He clawed his way out from the depths of hell.

Ah yes, what an ungracious way of return.

Looking perfect normal?

One may guess so.

Only he knows when he gaze at the picture,

Those eyes are never the same as before.

After all, he died on 22th February didn't he?

The dead which have been revived will never behave the same again.
Or he is just sealing his true self off?

God knows.

Right now, he is in no hurry to worry.

In fact He is Enjoying right now. :)

Only One Rule.
Mess with me & be Messed up.

Joo Teng Teh
Joo Teng Teh
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His Name is JT and he still breathes (:



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