Mr. Samurai.
date : Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Here is the list of what I have done during the holidays so far:

1. Hanging out with friends.

2. Attending Judo and Ninjado Trainings.

3. Going back to school for gym.

4. Watching anime and reading mangas online.

5. Watched the movie "Yip Man" ( it is damn cool)

So far I can conclude that it has been pretty no life for me. Nothing really exciting or extraordinary has popped up in my holidays so far. So there is plenty of time at home for me to rot.

But maybe that is what I want? Contradicting ain't I. :)

And oh yea, the day is coming and I am secretly hoping that something will happen. Something which will prove my speculation wrong and tell me I am not a fool. However the chance of it happening seems very slim. :(

Well.... whatever!

Only One Rule.
Mess with me & be Messed up.

Joo Teng Teh
Joo Teng Teh
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