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date : Saturday, May 2, 2009
Hello, for this morning I am suppose to meet Alvin & Mun at 9.30 am for a jog. But Alvin smsed me in at 8 telling me that Mun is not coming so we canceled the the morning run. LOL. Woke up during noon instead and met Alvin for his lunch at LJS. After which I went to Lot 1's NTUC to shop for ingredients to cook the spaghetti for Sarah. XD Since I have no tupper ware I went to Alvin's house and borrowed his. THANKS ALVIN!

On the way home, Sarah asked me to tag along with her to orchard for an outing with her SGcafe friends. The meeting time is at 15oohrs and i received the sms at 1440. Whooosh~! I rushed back home, put the stuff, bathed and I am out of my house at 1500. FAST RIGHT?!!! I am fast and efficient okaay!!! XD

Met up with Sarah at JE and took the train to Orchard. Got a cupcake baked by her mom and her. It is THE MOST DELICIOUS CUPCAKE I EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE!!! At there I met the 3 friends of hers and they are very nice to talk to!! ( No worries Sarah, we can get along*) The outing is basically quite enjoyable and fun. ;)

Before going home I send her out at Bukit Gombak mrt.

I wish everyday can be like this. :D

Okaaay that is all for today. BUAIZ!!;)

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