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date : Monday, June 1, 2009
hey hey! it has been a long time since i updated. Horraay! it is finally the holiday period again and during this two weeks holiday i am going to do a lot of things and enjoy my life to fullest. :D during this holiday, I am going for trainings (as usual), class BBQ, hanging out more with my buddies and regrettably study for the upcoming UT s. -.-

Went for training yesterday and I got a bloody lip again. Unlike last Tuesday, this kind the bleeding can't really stop. I just continue the sparring with small poh with blood trickling down my chin and staining my gi. After sparring i look into the mirror and i my lips stained red right with blood. (I swear I look like a vampire who just fed on some human.) LOL XD my lips swell straight away and i can't really talk much. >.SEA Games Thailand Cat Mascot!!

The shirt.

For today, I am going meet up the rest for lunch and after that rehearse for the performance for the glitz award tonight. For now, Daryl, Wing and I are getting the Silver Merit award for sports in RP. I hope the rest of the pack are getting it too! However one turn off is that the attire for tonight is formal wear. Sigh it is going to get really very warm and sweaty. All righty! guess i will end here i got to get ready to change. Sayonara!! =D

I wish every thing will turn out for fine like before.

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