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date : Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Went with the judo ig for the RP glitz award ceremony last night. It was really a memorable day with loads of fun and laughter and besides that...... we pulled the biggest stunt in RP history ever.

The setting goes like when the MC asks for the senior director to come on stage and hand over the awards. I am suppose to strode in at the most random moment and wave to the stunned audience. Omg it was the most embarrassing moment of my life where by i have to grin and wave like a mad director shouting HIIIIIIIIII! =X it was when our judo performance starts with all the action packed fighting by Daryl (my bodyguard),CH,Tim & Babu (the attackers). The MCs, directors, VIPs and the students are all stunned. Some of them thought i must be an over enthusiastic director or a mad man. >.< Anyway the 30 secs skit ended up with a loud applause from the previously bored audience. I am so glad that we succeeded!!! XD woooooooooooooooooo!!!

After the performance, Daryl and I received the silver meritorious award for sports excellence in RP.

Getting this silver meritorious award is something which i didn't really expect. Although i am the secretary for judo ig, it is not like i really done anything which is very significant for an individual. The rest in the IG has contributed their fair share which is equal if not more than me. Their passion towards our judo ig is significant as well. Thus I will like to thank all the members of our wolf pack for standing together and helping one another during the most trying times. Besides them I will also like to thank...

(Our IG Advisor who nominated me for the award)

My Parents
(Even though they nagged me 24/7 for my injuries, they still show their support towards me in judo.)

Mr Loh
(My Coach at Island Judo Club who is like a father and keeps my passion in judo burning.)

(One of my instructors at Island Judo Club who encourages me all the time.)

My Judo Mates- CH, Babu,Jerrold, Tim, Siti, Aaron & of course my president Daryl!!
(Again without them I will not be able to make it this far.)

Evon the Coffee bear
(Sorry for making you worry for my knee and thanks for the ointments!)

My classmates
(Thanks for wishing me luck all the time!)
And the list goes on. I am sorry if I missed out anyone it just that I am putting up the names which I can think of right now. Everyone of you have a significant impact in my life and I thank you for it. Thank you. =D


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