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date : Friday, July 24, 2009
HEHEHEHE. Something bo liao Murphy and I do for his htm RJ question;p. It is posted on facebook. ;D

HTM Module Problem 12:Business with Pleasure RJ Gone Wrong.

Nadali's RJ

Qn: Will I consider a career in the spa industry? Discuss.

Giving my 20 cents *chink chink* $_$ worth of opinion, I will not only not only consider a career in the spa industry. In fact I will climb the corporate ladder up this Business with PLEASURE. This is because I have prior knowledge in this business of pleasure *hint hint* thus I am able to provide pleasure service.

One the reasons being my head understand the needs for pleasure from my clients. Thus I am able to give good head for my clients and provide them with a memorable service. ^^ Thus I believe my clients will always come back for more from time to time.

I am especially proud of my hand skills whereby I can give a good hand to clients and help them release their stress after a long day at work. :D One of my secret tricks to the trade is spreading sour cream on my hands before massaging. I learnt from the culinary science that sour cream is a dairy product which is high in fats. It acts as an organic lubrication for massage which I rub on my clients and also at the same time it acts an appetizer for the clients. ;D

I believe that it is parental influence which makes me so intensely passionate in pursuing a career in the spa industry. I also learnt a lot of thing from my mother as she opened a spa before and also have taught me the secret of giving pleasure to my customer ;D.I think that what I do will not only give my customer sextifaction but also having my spa being spread through the word of mouth that is a very communication tool :D I believe I will follow this passion work hard to become an owner of the first spa house in Changi. ^^

Nadali (Class F66C)

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