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date : Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Went for training yesterday and took the attendance as Daryl is not around. It was kind of disappointing to see that not many year 1s turned up for training. I was pretty pissed off when some of people gave me vague reasons which does'nt fulfil the the meaning of a valid reason. Others just didn't give any notice at all. Well that is very responsible. THANKS. :)

Adelia and Tracy came in the middle and training cause they got lost on their way here. =x HAHAHAHAHAHA. But it is really great having them around cause they are pretty light hearted and it really makes the training more fun!

Thanks Adelia and Tracy for turning up for the training!! It is really great having the both of you around. =)

At around 8.30pm we (Adelia, Tracy, CH, Tim & I) rushed to Changi Airport to receive Mr and Mrs Loh who are coming back from Australia. Mr Loh didn't expect that (CH, Tim and I) will be there to receive him. Hehehehehe :D We should have took a video of his shocked expression when he saw us aside from his daughter and Tracy. :p "Welcome back Mr and Mrs Loh!!"

After receiving them both, we had our dinner at the airport and we chatted for an hour before going home. Overall it is fun and pleasant experience. :) I wish we can have our Island Judo gathering more often!! woohooo! XD

Zhaoz. :)

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