Mr. Samurai.
date : Monday, July 13, 2009

What should I say? ._.

The fight is on this coming August at the Pesta Sukan Judo Competition 2009.

Went for training at IJC yesterday and before I knew it I am part of the team for the Pesta Sukan 2009. ._.

It is really... I don't know. Somehow I feel that I am not ready.

Maybe I am always not ready. LOL.

Go in just for the experience and process as part of growing? Yea I agree...

But there are still doubts lingering in my mind.

I know that I want to win, I need to win. It is the only thing on my mind.

Yet I am so afraid when I make the leap across the ridge I will miss and fall.

This is the demon I have to battle and I seriously need to calm myself down.

Putting too much at stake could make things worse._.



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